How Do Western Systems And Structures Impact On Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Cultures?

What are 5 critical realities that influence the participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities?

Significant risk factors that can impact on the social emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities include:widespread grief and loss.impacts of the Stolen Generations and removal of children.unresolved trauma.separation from culture and identity issues.More items….

2 SEWB is comprised of seven inter-related domains: body, mind and emotions, family and kinship, community, culture, Country, and spirituality. … Here, the terms “Indigenous,” “Indige- nous peoples,” or “Indigenous Australians” will be used when referring to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

How do you communicate effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders?

Introduce yourself in a warm and friendly way. yourself or find other topics of common interest. Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people do not speak English as their first language. Some also speak English in different dialects such as Kriol, Aboriginal English and Torres Strait Creole.

How did Federation affect the indigenous?

Aboriginal people lost power over their own lives. Their personal and working lives were tightly controlled. They could not vote for the federal government and, even if they could have done so, the federal government would not have changed the laws for the better anyway.

What impact did European settlement have on Australia’s indigenous cultures and their communities?

European settlement had a severe and devastating impact on Indigenous people. Their dispossession of the land, exposure to new diseases and involvement in violent conflict, resulted in the death of a vast number of the Aboriginal peoples.

How does Aboriginal culture differ from Western culture?

Indigenous cultures focus on a holistic understanding of the whole that emerged from the millennium of their existence and experiences. Traditional Western worldviews tend to be more concerned with science and concentrate on compartmentalized knowledge and then focus on understanding the bigger, related picture.

What is Aboriginal family structure?

Aboriginal kinship and family structures are still cohesive forces which bind Aboriginal people together in all parts of Australia. Traditionally the Aboriginal family was a collaboration of clans composed of mothers, fathers, uncles, aunties, sisters, brothers, cousins and so on.

What are the impacts of Colonisation on Aboriginal culture?

Colonisation has resulted in inequity, racism and the disruption of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. In fact, it has been the most detrimental of the determinants of health that continues to significantly influence Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health outcomes today.

What are the cultural differences between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders?

This difference is reflected in their art stules, cultural songs and dances, stories and traditions. On the other hand, Torres Strait Islander artwork can be a lot more muted in colour and frequently depicts stories about the ocean, the islands and the sea animals.

What are the political issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders?

Barriers to access and equity in relation to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander health may include: Racism, including community and institutionalised racism. Discrimination. Socio-economic status.

Why did the British kill the Aboriginal?

The most common motive for a massacre was reprisal for the killing of settler civilians but at least 51 massacres were in reprisal for the killing or theft of livestock or property.

How has Western culture impacted on Aboriginal?

Effect on Traditional Authority: It has been noticed that the Aboriginal customary rules and traditional authority are affected markedly by dispossession and settlement process. … Granting of land rights was seen as a revival for Aboriginal culture and tradition along with the outstation movement.

What are Western systems?

Western culture, sometimes equated with Western civilization, Western lifestyle or European civilization, is a term used very broadly to refer to a heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, belief systems, political systems, and specific artifacts and technologies that have some origin or …

What happened to the aboriginal after European settlement?

After European settlers arrived in 1788, thousand of aborigines died from diseases; colonists systematically killed many others. … Since then, the population has grown, and by the next century as many as 30,000 people may legitimately claim aboriginal descent.

What impact has the loss of land and culture has on the Australian Indigenous?

With the dispossession of land we see the destruction of cultures and with the destruction of cultures, we see the loss of languages, ceremonies and songs and disrespect for traditional lore and elders.