Question: How Do You Use The Word Genius?

How can you tell if someone is intelligent?

So here are some signs you’re highly intelligent, even if you don’t feel like it.You’re Empathetic And Compassionate.

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You’re Curious About The World.

You’re Observant.

You Have Self-Control.

You Have A Good Working Memory.

You Like To Go With The Flow.More items…•.

What is the root word of genius?

The idea of a ‘genius’ originated in ancient Rome. … Because this spirit was born with the person it was called a ‘genius’ (from the Latin verb gignere meaning ‘to give birth or bring forth’ – which also happens to be the root of our word ‘generate’). A person’s ‘genius’ dictated their unique personality and disposition.

Is it genius or genius?

The normal plural is “geniuses”; “genii” is not used in everyday language. The word “genius” does come from Latin, but it’s gone through a long journey to get to English and its meaning has shifted quite a bit along the way. So it is pluralized according to the normal English pattern.

How do you describe a genius?

A genius is a person who displays exceptional intellectual ability, creative productivity, universality in genres or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of new advances in a domain of knowledge.

Are geniuses born or made?

Geniuses are made, not born, and even the biggest dunce can learn something from the world class minds of Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and Amadeus Mozart. … “What makes geniuses special is their long-term commitment. They struggle very hard and they keep on persisting. They enjoy their work.

How can I be a genius?

5 steps to become a genius in your chosen fieldSome may argue that geniuses are born, not made. … 1) Be curious and driven: Utter fascination with a subject is what separates geniuses from the average professional, Barker points out.2) Pursue actual time at your craft, versus formal education. … 3) Test your ideas. … 4) Sacrifice. … 5) Work because of passion, not money.

What is meant by genius?

Genius is an exceptional talent or skill, something above and beyond the norm. … Genius comes from the Latin word of the same name, meaning “guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth” or “innate ability.” Your genius — your superior talent — at the game of chess could make you a world champion.

How do you praise an intelligent person?

Complimenting Intelligence, Creativity, and ResourcefulnessYou’re a smart cookie.Your perspective is refreshing.Your ability to recall random factoids at just the right times is impressive.When you say, “I meant to do that,” I totally believe you.You have the best ideas.More items…

How do you use Genius in a sentence?

CK 327925 His success is attributed more to hard work than to genius.[S] [T] I’m a genius. ( CK)[S] [T] He is a genius. ( CK)[S] [T] We’re geniuses. ( CK)[S] [T] Is Tom a genius? ( CK)[S] [T] Tom is a genius. ( CK)[S] [T] You are a genius. ( CK)[S] [T] He may be a genius. ( CK)[S] [T] Her son is a genius. ( CK)More items…

Is geniuses a real word?

genius: pl. genii Roman Mythology. Other dictionaries may list more meanings of the word, but the point remains that e.g. three persons with extraordinary mental capacity are geniuses, with “genii” reserved to various kinds of spirits.

How can you identify a genius?

8 Personality Traits of Highly Intelligent People (Backed by Science) … They’re highly adaptable. … They understand how much they don’t know. … They have insatiable curiosity. … They’re open-minded. … They like their own company. … They have high self-control. … They’re really funny.More items…•

What do you call an intelligent person?

A person possessing a highly developed intellect. intellectual. academic. highbrow. brain.