Question: What Is The Plural Of Beauty?

Is there a plural for face?

The plural form of face; more than one (kind of) face.

Their faces are very beautiful..

How do you spell beautiful?

beautifulbutifl – 31.9%butiful – 12.19%blutifl – 7.78%beautifull – 5.25%beatiful – 4.98%beutiful – 2.91%beautifu – 2.28%beautful – 1.17%More items…

How do you spell nature?

1 : the physical world and everything in it It is one of the most beautiful creatures found in nature. 2 : natural scenery or surroundings We took a hike to enjoy nature. 3 : the basic character of a person or thing Scientists studied the nature of the new substance.

Can we say beautiful man?

A beautiful man is a very handsome man, extremely handsome man, breathtakingly attractive man. Pretty is used to describe a feminine kind of beauty. Beautiful can describe not only feminine beauty.

What makes something or someone beautiful?

The making of aesthetic pleasure. The term aesthetics is defined as the perception, interpretation, and appreciation of beauty (Shimamura and Palmer, 2014). In the presence of beautiful things, we feel a broad range of emotions, such as fascination, awe, feelings of transcendence, wonder, and admiration.

What does Beautifulest mean?

Wiktionary. beautifulest(Adjective) Most beautiful; more beautiful than anyone or anything else.

What is the plural form of beautiful?

noun, plural beau·ties. a beautiful thing, as a work of art or a building. Often beauties. … something excellent of its kind: My old car, now she was a beauty.

Is Beautiness a word?

The world beautiness is not recognized by any of the authoritative English dictionaries. The word most closely resembling beautiness is beautifulness. Here’s a list of synonyms for beautifulness. “How can you look on the way it dances the beautifulness from every corner and not jump in the air from happiness?”

What makes a person beautiful?

“Beauty is skin-deep” the saying goes, and it seems most of you agree when you describe what you consider most beautiful in a person. Confidence, kindness, happiness, dignity and intelligence all ranked in the top five out of 19 attributes that people said make the opposite and same sex beautiful.

What does the word of mean?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1 —used as a function word to indicate a point of reckoningnorth of the lake. 2a —used as a function word to indicate origin or derivationa man of noble birth. b —used as a function word to indicate the cause, motive, or reasondied of flu.

How do you spell beauty or beauties?

The noun beauty can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be beauty. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be beauties e.g. in reference to various types of beauties or a collection of beauties.

What beauties mean?

Definition of ‘beauties’ 1. the combination of all the qualities of a person or thing that delight the senses and please the mind. 2. a very attractive and well-formed girl or woman. 3.

Is Beautifulness a real word?

Noun. The quality of being beautiful; beauty.

What are the synonyms of beauty?

Synonyms & Antonyms of beautyaesthetics.(also esthetics),attractiveness,beauteousness,beautifulness,comeliness,cuteness,fairness,More items…