Quick Answer: Can You Build Your Own Desk At IKEA?

Is it cheaper to build your own desk?

They were either ugly and cheaply made, or too expensive—a large, decent-quality one will run you at least $400.

Cheap: Making something yourself instead of buying it almost always saves some money—in this case, it’s going to cut hundreds of dollars from the price..

Can I build my own desk?

It’s no sweat to build your own desk out of sawhorses—especially if you already have a couple of sawhorses laying around in the garage or workshop. … Then last but not least, top the DIY desk with a regular sheet of plywood, cut to size.

Are Ikea desks good quality?

IKEA is known for its “put it together yourself” furniture and the desks are no exception. However, for price and space saving, these desks are often the best choice. Each desk choice has its pluses and minuses, but all in all, they are good choices.

How can I make my desk look nice?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:Hang a Wire to Display Pictures. … Keep Notes in Colorful Holders. … Bring in Some Greenery. … Add Decoration to Your Boards. … Use Fun Magnets or Push Pins. … Hold Files With Decorative Bookends. … Switch Out Your Mug. … Add a Little Interest to Your Writing Implements.

What is IKEA desk made of?

Most of us are fine with the fact that IKEA furniture is made of pine or particle board, especially because you can hack their stuff together in lots of cool new ways and the price is unbeatable.

What wood should I use to build a desk?

Best types of wood for building an office deskOak. Did you know that the Oval Office desk in the White House is made of oak? … Walnut. Walnut — famed for its gorgeous grain, colour and pattern. … Cherry. To make a statement, take a look at species such as American Cherry. … African hardwoods. … Maple.

Where can I buy a nice desk?

The best overall. Wayfair. … The best on a budget. Wayfair. … The best customizable office desk. The Container Store. … The best L-shaped desk. Bush Furniture. … The best standing desk. Fully. … The best for small spaces. Prepac. … The best over-the-bed desk. Amazon.

How much should I spend on a desk?

You should typically count on spending between $700-$5000 for a 6’x6′ desk. While the range is rather broad, ultimately, it can’t be narrowed until you answer two important questions: How much storage do I want to incorporate into my desk?

Is Ikea delivering during Covid?

Delivery options – IKEA. To protect the health and safety of our customers and co-workers during this time, IKEA Home Deliveries will be going Contactless. … All deliveries will now be made to your front door, instead of to a room within your home.

Does IKEA make custom desks?

Build your own Desk Planner – IKEA.

Where can I buy a cheap desk?

Costing less than $200 each, these are the best cheap desks on the internet.Furinno Computer Desk. Amazon. … Mind Reader Home Office Computer Desk. Walmart. … Ikea Micke Desk. Ikea. … Thinktoo Wall-Mounted Desk. Amazon. … Inbox Zero Solid Wood Desk with Hutch. … Zinus Soho Rectangular Table. … Barry Floating Desk. … Heng Console Table.More items…•

Where is the best place to buy a computer desk?

The 8 Best Computer Desks of 2020Best Overall: Pottery Barn Livingston Writing Desk at Pottery Barn. … Best Budget: Ikea MICKE Desk at Ikea. … Best Standing: UPLIFT Standing Desk at Upliftdesk.com. … Best for Multiple Monitors: Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk with Storage at Wayfair. … Best for Small Spaces: … Best L-Shaped: … Best for Kids: … Most Stylish:

Is Ikea Linnmon good?

It’s sturdy, durable, and easy to put together. The bar in the center doesn’t bother us, but if you have long legs and sit in the middle, you may occasionally hit your toes on it 😉 This desk is great for two people, or a one person who needs lots of space!

What can I use instead of a desk?

8 Cheap Alternatives to Pricey Home Office Gear (And You Probably Already Own Them)Use an ironing board as a sit/stand desk. … Turn a bookcase or shelving unit into a standing desk. … Create a desk using a dining-table leaf or a door and storage organizers. … Prop your laptop up vertically with a napkin holder or file organizer.More items…•