Quick Answer: What Is A Line Of Thought?

Who is Nils Olof?

Nils Olof Franzén was a Swedish author who wrote the Agaton Sax series.

He was born 23 August 1916, in Oxelösund.

He died on 24 February 1997, at age 81.

He was director of programmes for Swedish Radio from 1956 to 1973, and also wrote a number of biographies..

Is train of thought a metaphor?

Think of the phrase “train of thought.” It’s a vivid metaphor that describes thought in motion. … And then some thoughts have huge emotion attached to them (like dreading a sit-down with the boss).

Why did the peddler not deny being Captain von stahle?

The peddler had the view that the owner might give him some Kroner. So he did not reveal his identity. The owner sent his daughter Edla to bring the peddler.

Why do I lose my train of thought when speaking?

Researchers have found just where you lost your train of thought. They’ve seen what’s happening in the brain at the moment we get startled and lose our train of thought, and they’ve turned up a link between that just-lost thought and one of the classic symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Why is it called a train of thought?

A succession of connected ideas, a path of reasoning, as in You’ve interrupted my train of thought; now what was I saying? This idiom, which uses train in the sense of “an orderly sequence,” was first recorded in 1651, in philosopher Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan.

What are the 3 types of thinking?

There are three types of thought that our brains produce: insightful (used for problem solving), experiential (focused on the task at hand), and incessant (chatter). Insightful thinking helps us to do long range planning and problem solving.

What is the meaning of thought out?

: produced or arrived at through mental effort and especially through careful and thorough consideration a thought-out plan.

What is your train of thought?

The train of thought or track of thought refers to the interconnection in the sequence of ideas expressed during a connected discourse or thought, as well as the sequence itself, especially in discussion how this sequence leads from one idea to another. … Not every thought to every thought succeeds indifferently.

What line of thought did the peddler find entertaining?

Answer: The peddler was amused by the idea of the world being a giant rattrap because he was never treated kindly by the world. Therefore, he harboured hard feelings for it and loved ‘to think ill of it’ by comparing it with a giant rattrap.

Why didn’t the stranger tell the ironmaster that he was not Nils Olof?

The stranger did not tell the ironmaster that he was not Nils Olof because he thought that if the gentleman believed that he was an old friend or acquaintance of his, then he might take pity on him and help him by giving him some money.

What is another word for train of thought?

Alternate Synonyms for “train of thought”: thread; thinking; thought; thought process; cerebration; intellection; mentation.

What was the line of thought which seemed entertaining to him?

But one day this man had fallen into a line of thought, which really seemed to him entertaining. He had naturally been thinking of his rattraps when suddenly he was struck by the idea that the whole world about him—the whole world with its lands and seas, its cities and villages—was nothing but a big rattrap.

Why did Peddler not reveal his true identity?

The peddler did not reveal his true identity because he hoped that the ironmaster mistaking him for an old acquaintance, would offer him some money.

Why was the peddler amused by his idea?

The peddler was amused by the idea that the whole world around him was nothing but a big rattrap. The riches, happiness, food, clothing and shelter etc. were like baits to trap the people in. … Therefore, he was happy to get the peddler to talk to in his cottage.

What does falling into a line of thought mean?

line of thought – a particular way of thinking that is characteristic of some individual or group. cerebration, intellection, mentation, thinking, thought process, thought – the process of using your mind to consider something carefully; “thinking always made him frown”; “she paused for thought”

What made the peddler finally change his heart?

He had no friend to steer him on the right path. Though the crofter was hospitable to him and even the ironmaster had almost offered him help, they failed to leave any impact on him. It was Edla who, through her genuine care and understanding, was finally able to change the peddler for the better.

Is it train of thought or chain of thought?

A series of connected thoughts can be called a train of thought. … You can also use terms like “chain of thought” or “line of reasoning.” Your train of thought can be as complicated as the series of ideas that lead to a specific conclusion, or as simple as the successive thoughts that happen to flit through your head.

What is thought process?

any of the cognitive processes involved in such mental activities as reasoning, remembering, imagining, problem solving, and making judgments.