What Is Plastisol Printing?

What is a plastisol transfer?

What are Heat Press Plastisol Transfers.

Plastisol Transfers are screen printed designs that are printed on a special heat transfer release paper instead of directly on the shirt.

Once the design is screen printed onto the paper, the printed heat transfer papers are shipped to your house..

What is plastisol ink made of?

Plastisol ink is one of the most durable and Best Screen Printing Ink options in the market. It is made from PVC resin and plasticizers which gets activated when the temperature reaches 330° F. The plasticizers react with resin to create a permanent glossy print that doesn’t wash away.

What is the difference between water based ink and plastisol?

Water-based inks are, as you’d expect, made with water. Unlike plastisol inks, water-based inks don’t contain plastics or PVC. This means they’re eco-friendly and work a bit differently than other inks. Rather than sitting atop the garment, water-based inks seep into the fabric, dying the garment directly.

Which ink is best for t shirt printing?

PLASTISOLPLASTISOL. Plastisol screen printing ink is the most popular because it is the most versatile.

How do you know if ink is water based?

In the case of black ink, the dye has a purplish cast. If you mix a couple of drops with water, you will see it easily.

Does plastisol ink go bad?

ink doesnt really go bad,but it can harden over time. this can be fixed by mixing in curable reducer to bring the ink back to life so to speak.

Can I make my own plastisol transfers?

If you are not solely screen printing transfers you can use your standard plastisol ink. The ink is printed in reverse (reverse image) onto a heat transfer paper that has a special coating on it which will release the ink once heat pressed.

How long do plastisol transfers last?

3 yearsAfter 3 years and well over 50 washes, the transfer is in better shape than the fibers of the garment it is printed on.

Can you iron plastisol ink?

Since Plastisol is a thermoplastic, it will remelt if it comes in contact with anything hot enough. For that reason, plastisol prints cannot be ironed. If an iron touches a print, it will smear the ink.

Where can I buy plastisol transfers?

Ordering plastisol transfers is very simple with 613originals.com Simply navigate to the product and choose from one of the 4 sheet size options available. Once you choose the sheet you can determine how many images you want to place on the sheet also known as a Gang Sheet.

Can you print plastisol on paper?

Short answer: Yes you can print plastisol onto paper. As the final prints of an order, we’ll throw a few sheets of 11 x 17 copier paper on the platens and print them to tape onto the boxes for that run. It makes it easier to see what boxes are for what order, and it seems to impress the customers.