What Is There To Do In AFK Arena?

Can you cheat in AFK arena?

There are absolutely no diamond hacks or gold hacks in AFK Arena and any other online games, they are just trying to fool you..

What is the max level in AFK arena?

There are 3 different tiers of heroes in AFK arena as seen in the heroes portrait section in game: common, legendary and ascended. Each tier has a maximum level cap. Common tier heroes can be leveled up to level 100. Legendary tier heroes can be leveled up to level 160.

How do you get AFK diamonds?

Free Diamonds (Gems): 10 Ways To GetBounty Board Rewards. Some Bounty Board quests give. … Arcane Labyrinth. The Arcane Labyrinth rewards diamonds for completing each floor. … Campaign Quests. … Daily and Weekly Quests. … Arena Rewards. … King’s Tower. … Peaks of Time. … Events.More items…

How do you reset a hero AFK arena?

Resetting HeroesAny Hero not locked can be reset in the Rickety Cart using Diamonds in return for resources.A reset cost 20 Diamonds per slot.After resetting a hero their level will be reset and the gear used by this hero including all accumulated resources and experience will be returned.

How do I get rid of Commons AFK arena?

Simply tap any hero you wish to get rid of. Alternatively, you can just press ‘Auto Select’, which will automatically select all your common heroes. Press ‘Retire’ when you have selected the heroes you wish to retire/get rid of.

What is the best formation in AFK arena?

The Best Formations In AFK ArenaOne of the key strategies to be victorious when playing AFK Arena is to choose the right formation of your team. … If you want to form a team that is very effective and useful in the late game, then choosing Lucius, Belinda, Estrilda, and Fawkes are the best line up for your team.More items…•

Is it worth spending money on AFK arena?

No the game is designed to keep shifting the goalpost beyond reach. Spending money on a game to progress is only worth it if it changes something fundamental about the game. The nature of this game is that gameplay is nearly exactly the same whether you’re early game or late game, just with bigger numbers later on.

Is Belinda good AFK arena?

Belinda is a strong burst hero with one of the highest crit rates in the game. Her ultimate ability can deal a huge amount of damage in a very short window, which synergies well with heroes such as Raine. She can buff up to 2 allies with attack rating and crit, making her a decent support as well.

Is AFK arena good 2020?

AFK Arena is a game that keeps changing. It’s simple to get into, but difficult to master, so contrary to its name, you can’t exactly go AFK and hope that your core team is just as good a few months later.

AFK Arena has turned out to be a really popular RPG game that is played by millions of people worldwide. … The game offers a good Gameplay and really cool features which make it even more engaging and enjoyable. You can unlock new heroes, loot treasures, discover new map locations and combat with other players also.

Who is the strongest hero in AFK arena?

BrutusBrutus, Saveas and Tasi emerge as the strongest Heroes for mid-game in AFK Arena. Nemora, Lucius, Ira, and Mirael remain strong, while Lyca and Arden rise to prominence in mid-game. Also, hold on to Shemira!

What is the best character in AFK arena?

AFK Arena Heroes – Tier SRosaline.Rowan.Safiya.Saurus.Shemira.Talene.Tasi.Ukyo.More items…•

Is AFK arena free?

Not only is it free, but developer Lilith Games regularly releases a bunch of AFK Arena codes, which, as you can expect, provide you with a bunch of free in-game stuff that will allow you to progress a lot faster in this Gacha RPG.

What do you do with the Commons AFK arena?

Common HeroesRetiring Them. When you retire them you’ll receive Hero Coins which can be used in the Barracks, and Dust which is used to level up heroes at certain level thresholds.Using Them For Bounties. They do have one additional usage, and that’s using them for bounties. … Conclusion. … Hero List.

Does AFK arena need wifi?

Their most recent game offers awesome automated gameplay, with a system in place that keeps playing for you even while offline. …

Where do I get hero coins in AFK arena?

Hero Coins are currencies in AFK Arena. You can get Hero Coins in the Rickety Cart from retiring Common(green) tier heroes. You can retire heroes manually or change the switch in the Rickety Cart to retire them automatically. For retiring single Common hero you will get 160 Hero Coins.